2024年4月14日 牧者之言


KJV Matt.19: 14 But Jesus said, “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”

暑期圣经学校(Vacation Bible School, 英文简称 “VBS”)是教会向社区提供的外展服侍,旨在教育孩子认识上帝,包括信仰课程、艺术、手工艺、游戏等。每间教会可以设计自己的信仰课程或购买适合的信仰课程。我们教会去年成功地举行了第一次VBS(请参考https://thebaptistpaper.org/little-rock-chinese-church-thankful-for-year-of-growth-unity-and-answered-prayers/),荣耀归于主。


1.    教师组;2. 宣教组;3. 手工组;4. 敬拜赞美团队;5. 食物组;6.接待登记组;
7.    布置组; 8.宣传组;9.音响组;10.摄影及Video制作组;11. 青少年筹备《约拿书》剧组

为参加 VBS 的孩子们祈祷:
• 为所有年龄段的孩子在VBS 期间听到福音祈祷。
• 祈求那些不认识基督的孩子能邀请基督进入他们的生命。
• 祈求基督徒孩子能够与天父更加亲近。
• 为不定期去教会的孩子们祈祷。

为 VBS 的志愿祈祷:
• 求主赐给我们足够的志愿来正确地教导和照顾我们的孩子。
• 祈求我们整个VBS 团队的语和行动在这一周能尊荣和荣耀主。
• 祈求上帝赐福给我们 VBS 团队力量、耐力、良好的态度以及向每个孩子展示基督无条件的愛的能力。
• 祈求主预备更多青少年志愿,使基督徒青少年成为基督的精兵,慕道友青少年信靠
• 祈求周五晚家庭同乐夜的表演、汇报演出及颁发毕业证书等进展顺利,能有更多家长
• 为VBS 带领在准备VBS 周和期间寻求上帝的指引时祈求智慧。
• 为VBS周我们的支持团队和食物团队等祷告。
• 为圣经学校后的跟进行动祷告。祈祷我们能在社区中建立许多联系。

2024 Church Vacation Summer Bible School
KJV Matt.19: 14 But Jesus said, “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”

Jesus’ words of Matthew 19: 14 are the basis and foundation for our church’s children ministry. The Lord Jesus taught us: “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them.” On one hand, the original text of “let” is an imperative tone. The Lord commands us to invite children to come to Him. On the other hand, let’s not hinder them. “Hinder” means not to allow, to obstruct or to set up obstacles. The KJV translates “hinder” as “suffer,” which means to endure. This reminds us to tolerate and put up with little children. Children are not always lovable, sometimes they can be mischievous or restless. Yet the Lord asks us to welcome them. A church with many children is filled with the Lord’s presence, vitality, and blessings. A church that prohibits children from entering is hardly be called the Lord’s church.

Vacation Bible School (VBS) is an outreach ministry provided by the church to the community. It aims to educate children to know God, including faith courses, arts, crafts, games, etc. Each church can design its own faith curriculum or purchase a suitable faith curriculum. Our church successfully held the first VBS last year (please refer to https://thebaptistpaper.org/little-rock-chinese-church-thankful-for-year-of-growth-unity-and-answered-prayers /), praise the Lord.

We had our first preparatory meeting for 2024 last Sunday to determine the following.

Date: June 18-21, 5:30-8:00 pm (“Friday Family Night”); volunteers will arrive at 5pm to set up tables and chairs.
Vision: Strive to spread the gospel of Christ, share the love of Christ with children and parents, and help people to know the Lord.
Purpose: Focus on the gospel, highlight the characteristics of the Chinese church, and make the activities interesting and fun.
Goal: 40 children
2024 Theme: SCUBA, with the ocean world as the background, it will lead children to dive into a relationship with the Lord.

We divide into several groups and need relevant volunteers:
1. Teaching Team; 2. Mission Team; 3. Craft Team; 4. Worship and Praise Team; 5. Food Team; 6. Reception and Registration Team; 7. Decoration Team; 8. Promotion Team; 9. IT Team; 10. Photography and Video Team; 11. Youth Preparation Team for the Play of “The Book of Jonah”

Welcome to actively sign up to participate in VBS or VBS volunteers. Brothers and sisters who are interested in serving, please contact Mrs. Shasha if you have any questions.

LRICBC-VBS-Prayer Guide
Ways to Pray for the Kids Attending VBS:
•    Pray for the kids of all ages who will hear the Gospel during VBS.
•    Pray that children who don’t know Christ will invite Him into their lives.
•    Pray that children who are Christians will grow closer to the Father.
•    Pray for the children who do not attend church regularly.

Ways to Pray for Those Who Are Serving at VBS: 
•    Ask the Lord to provide plenty of workers to properly teach and care for our children.
•    Pray that the words and actions of our entire VBS team will bring honor and glory to God through the week.
•    Pray that God will bless our VBS team with strength, endurance, good attitudes, and the capacity to demonstrate Christ’s unconditional love to each child.
•    Pray that the Lord will prepare more youth volunteers so that among them the believers will grow their faith and the seekers will accept the Lord.
•    Pray that the play, presentation, and graduation certificate presentation on Friday Family Night will go well, and more parents will attend.
•    Pray for wisdom for those leading VBS as they seek God’s guidance in preparing for and during VBS week.
•    Pray for our supporting team and food team during the week.
•    Pray for our follow-up after Bible School. Pray that we might make many connections in our community.

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